About The Raiser Organization

The Raiser Organization specializes in real estate investment and property management on the San Francisco Peninsula. Family-owned and operated for more than fifty years, the company strives to maintain quality, integrity and service. The satisfaction of loyal tenants, integral vendors, and longtime employees remain the hallmarks of its success.

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History of The Raiser Organization

The Raiser Organization’s history began in California five decades ago, but its origins go even deeper. John Raiser founded Raiser Construction Co., Inc. in San Mateo in 1963. Armed with fierce determination and equally staunch integrity, John Raiser had emigrated from Greece to earn his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture and civil engineering in America. He shared the same profession as his father, Leslie Raiser, whose reputation for innovative construction solutions had become well-known in Athens and Thessaloniki. His mother Magda Raiser worked with her husband as interior designer, bookkeeper, and project liaison. When their son John began his American enterprise, his parents moved from Europe to join the venture.

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